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EPA compliance actions in South Sound

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today more than 50 compliance and enforcement actions taken in the second quarter of 2014. And seven separate South Sound locations were cited.

August 2014

More carriers & plans, almost flat rates

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler today announced approval of 10 health insurance providers offering 90 individual plans inside the government exchange for 2015.

August 2014

Developer sues Tacoma over Wal-Mart delays

The development firm that was successful in landing Wal-Mart’s retail store in the central neighborhood has sued City of Tacoma and members of the city council individually for more than $1.8 million for delaying the project.

August 2014

Special healthcare enrollment opening

The state Insurance Commissioner today announced a limited special enrollment period starting this Wednesday for people who have had difficulty enrolling in health coverage through Washington’s Exchange or who have had billing or payment issues.

August 2014

Pot: Legal in state, but not on the bus

The state Utilities and Transportation Commission issued a notice to charter and excursion bus operators that the consumption or use of marijuana products on their vehicles by passengers or drivers is prohibited.

August 2014

One more week to apply

The nomination deadline is August 31 to offer nominations for a Corporations for Communities Award, a program of the corporations section in Washington Secretary of State office.

August 2014

State argues against Fife pot ban

Washington’s Attorney General has filed a brief in the case of MMH, LLC v. Fife, whose plaintiffs seek to open marijuana businesses in Fife despite the city’s ban on such operations.

August 2014

Port commission considers LNG terminal lease

Port of Tacoma commissioners are expected to consider a lease with Puget Sound Energy for a 33-acre site and pier on Alexander Avenue at their regular Thursday meeting.

August 2014

Construction error to cost Scarsella Bros. $36k

A Puget Sound construction company will pay a penalty of $12,000 for illegally decommissioning groundwater monitoring wells in Kent and Auburn, putting groundwater at risk of contamination from polluted surface water runoff.

August 2014

$150 million in claims against Ruston

Point Ruston LLC, the developer building out the former Asarco smelter Superfund site on Commencement Bay’s waterfront, has filed notices of claims totaling more than $150 million against the City of Ruston.

August 2014
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