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Businesses support neighbors

With an advance plan for 35 attendees, Tumwater's Comfort Inn Conference Center and Occasions Catering ended up serving more than 60 youth at a special holiday gathering Monday evening.

The guests were participants in the R.I.S.E. Transitional Living Program, a comprehensive program for young adults, 16 to 21 years old, who are homeless, living in unsafe situations, or have been in the state foster care system. It is operated by Community Youth Services of Thurston County.

December 2009

$36 million in homeless grants coming

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is renewing grant funding needed to keep 200 local homeless assistance programs throughout the state operating. A quick glance at the spreadsheet shows $341,034 awarded in Thurston, Mason and Lewis Counties. Pierce County recipients will receive $2.7 million and King County grants total $20.5 million.

The grants announced today are being awarded through HUD's Continuum of Care programs. For the first time, the federal government is providing renewal grants to local programs to prevent any interruption in federal assistance and will announce funding to new projects in early 2010.

December 2009

Blog watch: state is growing

David Ammons, a former long-time Associated Press reporter and current public information officer for the Secretary of State, reports today in his blog that census projections show Washington is now the 13th most populous state in the union. More persons continue to move here and residents continue to have babies. Net growth of 100,000 last year brings the total to 6.7 million and might add another Congressional District by 2012.

The state Labor Council revealed its 2010 Legislative Agenda on a blog today. The headline proclaims "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs." as in creating jobs, retaining jobs and strengthening jobs.

Richard S. Davis, a long-term independent research analyst on state topics who is often considered a friend of business interests, calls the labor agenda "mostly old wine in old bottles." Guess he's not impressed and he explains why.

December 2009

New dollars in SBA drawers

The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that it now has the additional funding to support $4.5 billion in small business lending, thanks to the President's signature on appropriations for the Commerce Department.

New approvals of loans with the higher guarantee and reduced fees made possible by stimulus funding are expected to begin by Dec. 28.

December 2009

Retailer plans to set a beading record Saturday

Shipwreck Beads will attempt to break the "Longest Chain of Beads" record, currently at 402 feet. The goal? One-half mile of beads, or 2,640 feet.

The official record attempt will take place on Dec. 26 at Shipwreck Beads. The record will be attempted from 9 a.m. to noon. The record verification and ceremony will occur at 2 p.m.

December 2009

Volunteers to provide holiday meals

More than 70 volunteers will prepare, package and deliver more than 500 meals on Wednesday to home-bound individuals in Thurston and Mason Counties.

December 2009

AWB: it's time to stop the 'runaway train'

In an editorial published this morning by Association of Washington Business, the group's President Don Brunell said lawmakers are in need of a reality check.

"With voter confidence dropping like a rock in a pond, it is time Congress stopped this runaway train called health care reform," Brunell wrote. "It is time to take a break, take a deep breath and look at the right-of-way ahead to make sure they are not running the taxpayers, and our nation, over a cliff."

December 2009

New budget adopted

Thurston County Commissioners have adopted a spending plan designed to guide the county through 2010.

The overall budget for next year is set at about $317.6 million, down about 17 percent from 2009 levels. The general fund is approximately $74 million, down about 2 percent from current year spending.

December 2009

2010 Book of Lists released

Almost 900 South Sound companies and organizations, complete with updated contact information on their executive leaders, are included in the 2010 edition of Business Examiner "Book of Lists."

Released as the 26th bi-weekly publication of the only local business journal serving exclusively Pierce, Thurston, South King, Lewis and Mason Counties, BOL is entering the holiday-clogged U.S. Postal system today.

December 2009

Fire fighting efficiency

Washington State Department of Natural Resources responded to more fires in 2009, while reducing annual fire-fighting costs by about 20 percent compared to a 10-year average.

An aggressive response to wildfire outbreaks in 2009 helped to avoid about $5.2 million in spending by improving firefighting effectiveness and cost efficiency. It also substantially reduced the number of acres burned this year.

December 2009
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