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State leaps 6 others to #25 in ‘Opportunity’

Ranked against the other 49 states, Washington shows up exactly in the middle, according to a non-partisan policy group. Utah tops the list at #1.

November 2017

Ex-Seahawk Sam Adams exonerated

A former high-profile professional sports star, who was accused of business offenses almost three years ago, today heard a representative of the state Attorney General's Office apologize for bringing the charges.

November 2017

Vehicle sales up, manufacturing weaker

State government's report on monthly economic trends has mostly good news for October, with certain sectors showing higher sales and employment, while tax collections continue above the forecasts.

November 2017

New state health leader named

The largest purchaser of health care benefits in the state of Washington is gaining a new leader to start 2018.

October 2017

New sick leave rules, state min. wage

Employers planning their 2018 budgets should check into newly required mandatory sick leave provisions, as well as an increase in the state minimum wage.

October 2017

Federal $$ to state maritime sector

The federal government has awarded half a million dollars to Washington state to support a campaign toward technological innovation in the maritime industry.

September 2017

L&I sees lower ’18 Workers Comp rates

State government managers of the Workers' Compensation insurance program believe they can lower the per employee-hour premium an average of 2.5 percent next year.

September 2017

State forecast sees revenue increase

Less than three months into Washington state's new biennium, economic forecasters already see larger tax collections than expected, along with generous opportunity for later weakness.

September 2017

LCD refunds coming next week

Businesses and consumers in Washington that purchased items containing an LCD screen and later filed a claim with the state will start receiving refund checks next week, according to the state Attorney General.

September 2017

State fines large dental insurer

An acknowledged failure to provide timely customer service will cost a California-based dental insurance provider at least $100,000 in a penalty announced today from Olympia.

September 2017
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