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State Ecology levies big fine on VW

Air pollution control efforts in Washington will be funded into the future from a penalty assessed today against Volkswagen.

July 2016

Minimum wage initiative certified to ballot

The proposal to increase the state’s minimum wage will appear on Washington’s fall ballot, Secretary of State Kim Wyman announced today.

July 2016

Making things, but not a living wage

Research scholars have found that manufacturing jobs can no longer be counted on to provide a family living wage.

July 2016

Region’s economy strong … for now

After noting stronger jobs and personal income growth in western Washington than the country as a whole, a regional economist is worried that too many companies are not ready for the next recession.

July 2016

$13.50/hr & sick leave petitions today

It appears Washington voters will be facing a November ballot measure that promises to raise the state's minimum wage and require employers to provide paid sick leave.

July 2016

State makes another ‘Top 10’ list

Insurance company data of property theft losses place Washington among the Top 10 states for claims and July is a particularly lucrative time for thieves.

July 2016

Medical marijuana shops to shut down next month

As of July 1, medical marijuana dispensaries will cease to exist, at least on a legal basis.

June 2016

State unemployment rate flat for sixth straight month

Despite adding 8,700 jobs from April to May, Washington’s unemployment rate remains at 5.8 percent, according to the state’s Employment Security Department.

June 2016

Wash. state exceeds national economy

By several measures, the Washington state economy is performing better than national reports through the spring months, according to an update today from state forecasters.

June 2016

Train tracks being inspected

Special railroad track inspectors will be reviewing train routes from the Tri-Cities to Vancouver, Washington, this week to make sure the deficiencies that might have cause the oil train derailment and fire in Mosier, Oreg., do not exist on the northern route.

June 2016
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