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From Tacoma roots to China sweet-tooths

A major expansion of candy sale markets in China announced this morning by Mars included a reference to the manufacturer's founding in Tacoma 105 years ago.

July 2016

Finding, hiring quality gets tougher

A shortage of qualified candidates for available jobs is being reported by human resources managers nationwide. Manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance have the most challenging hiring tasks.

June 2016

Visa opens Costco today

Completing its massive shift away from a long-term connection to American Express, Costco operations today began to accept only Visa-branded credit cards.

June 2016

Cost-of-living rising, more locally

The latest report from Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a continuing trend upward in the costs of living, and Pacific Northwest markets are getting more expensive at twice the national rate.

June 2016

Construction jobs lost, few others added

Very weak report on new jobs from federal data raises fears of new recession. Construction jobs particularly weak in May, at least on the national scale.

June 2016

232,000 workers to benefit from new overtime rule

By the end of this year, hundreds of thousands more salaried workers statewide and millions more workers nationwide will qualify for overtime payment.

May 2016

Candidates 2016 in town, traffic snarls, too

For about two days, western Washington will have a chance to be part of the nation's Presidential Primary media circus. Bernie Sanders was in Seattle Sunday evening and Hillary Clinton arrives tomorrow. Chelsea Clinton will carry the banner in Tacoma.

March 2016

Report: 242,000 jobs added in February

The job market is growing, according to the latest U.S. employment report, with business owners hiring on 242,000 additional workers in the month of February.

March 2016

South Sound grads go forth to the world

Higher education institutions in Washington state continue to lead most others in the numbers of Peace Corps volunteers accepted by the government program to assist less developed countries.

February 2016

Retail seasonal hiring down, despite better business

While October saw a record number of new workers, November’s hiring dropped to a four-year low at the nation’s retailers, according to an employment data analysis.

December 2015
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