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Christmas sales were ‘merry’

Our most recent holiday gift-giving and dining out season increased by twice from the year before, U.S. Census Bureau reports today.

January 2017

Building products prices firm at year's end

The costs of construction measured by prices of input products ended 2016 up slightly more than 2 percent, largely due to rising costs for anything petroleum based.

January 2017

Pierce economy still pointed up

Two economists presented positive pictures for the new year both locally and nationally at a Tacoma forecast breakfast today.

January 2017

US, Global inhabitants growing

Thanks to more births than deaths over a given time period, the American population is growing by less than 1 percent a year. Add in a net international migration to the U.S., however, and it means an ever-growing number of Americans.

December 2016

SCORE: Small business banking challenges

The average small business in American earns only $7 profit per day. It is evident that financing a small business remains a challenge for many entrepreneurs and smaller banks are the more likely source of needed capital and operating loans, according to a SCORE study.

December 2016

Small biz owners see bright future

With their belief that a new president will bring better times to the U.S. economy, small business owners reported dramatically higher optimism rates after the election of Donald Trump, according to a new survey.

December 2016

Lacey mayor has a new nat’l role

Pacific Northwest cities will have a representative on their national association's leadership council.

December 2016

Construction spending firm

Building activity across the nation continued through October on pace with September, according to data released today by the Census Bureau.

December 2016

Services sector growth strong

Politicians are focused on the loss of American manufacturing jobs, but tend not to see the continuing growth in revenues found among the nation's Services sectors. The Census Bureau has new data.

November 2016

October home sales revised down

Nationwide sales of new homes in October remains almost 18 percent of the 2015 pace, even after a slight drop from September to October.

November 2016
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