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Rising food costs trump gasoline savings

Yes, gasoline is cheaper now than it was, but most food items cost more. As a result, the Consumer Price Index rose 0.1 percent in September.

October 2014

Feds protect 110M acres of ‘wilderness’

Commemorating 50 years of government protections, the federal agencies responsible for preserving natural wilderness today manage nearly 5 percent of the U.S. and have a new coordinated plan to do so.

October 2014

Aging ‘bull’ market expected to be ‘volatile’

Russell continues to advise equities over fixed income, despite volatility of aging bull market.

October 2014

Consumer spending lifts GDP report

The nation's GDP rebounded in the second quarter after falling 2.1 percent in the first three months of 2014, according to a report issued today by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis.

October 2014

Jobs slip, optimism fading for small biz

A new survey finds small business owners less optimistic in September than they were before the Great Recession. An economist called the results more like a recession period than one of expansion.

October 2014

Boeing forecasts doubling of air cargo

Air freight traffic globally is expected to more than double by 2033, according to a new market estimate from Boeing. Asia-North America and Europe-Asia will continue as the dominant routes.

October 2014

Friday economic statistics released

Several reports issued from various federal agencies in the nation’s capital today paint a relatively positive economic picture.

October 2014

Commercial building softer in August

August's report of non-residential construction shows a steady, but unspectacular, recovery from the prior years' recession.

October 2014

Manufacturers respond to weaker demand?

Fewer orders for new manufactured goods and growing inventories of unsold items reported in August might encourage producers to slow down their output.

October 2014

August home sales up, listings down

More homes were sold in August than expected, even as the available inventory of single-family residences for sale continues to shrink, according to data releases today.

September 2014
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