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Construction spending firm

Building activity across the nation continued through October on pace with September, according to data released today by the Census Bureau.

December 2016

Services sector growth strong

Politicians are focused on the loss of American manufacturing jobs, but tend not to see the continuing growth in revenues found among the nation's Services sectors. The Census Bureau has new data.

November 2016

October home sales revised down

Nationwide sales of new homes in October remains almost 18 percent of the 2015 pace, even after a slight drop from September to October.

November 2016

Some clarity on ‘exempt’ court ruling

That rule to extend over-time to your lowest paid employees: Never mind, at least for now, after a federal judge in Texas decided the federal mandate was outside the authority of U.S. Department of Labor.

November 2016

Labor demand rebounded in October

Bouncing back from a negative trend in September, the number of online-advertised job openings was higher in October, according to data compiled nationally.

November 2016

Coffee chief will speak to green leaders

As U.S. Army commanders and senior leaders focused on the Asia Pacific region gather on Wednesday, they will hear from a Starbucks senior executive, who also has the same region of responsibility.

October 2016

Heck: No to TPP

Labor leaders hail the announcement from Rep. Denny Heck that he will vote against the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

October 2016

Housing starts slip, permits up

Homebuilders slowed down their output last month, but are still showing optimism for the future by taking out more construction permits, according to a data release.

October 2016

TrueBlue has higher Q3 sales, earnings

An international staffing provider headquartered in Tacoma reported improved revenues and earnings today for the three months ended Sept. 30th.

October 2016

More imports than exports cross dock

The federal government released June data today on international trade, and it shows Americans are buying more from the rest of the world than they are selling.

August 2016
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