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First non-res construction drop in three years

It may be due to lower prices for construction materials, but the latest Census Bureau data shows commercial and industrial building projects are behind last year, and showed the first 12-month drop since July 2013.

August 2016

National economy shows weakness

Slowing activity in the construction sector is one factor in today's disappointing national report on the economy.

July 2016

Canada, Mexico still taking TEUs from U.S.

Container terminals in Canada and Mexico continued to take a bigger share of imports to North America, according to new data from the U.S. government agency governing maritime business.

July 2016

TrueBlue states Q2 sales, loss

Because of pull-back from its largest customer, that was announced in April, TrueBlue today reported a net loss for second quarter after an impairment was factored in.

July 2016

Ups and downs of cargo in- & out-bound

Strong consumer expectations in the U.S. coupled with a weaker export flow because of currency valuations meant some gains, some losses in local marine terminal activity for June.

July 2016

From Tacoma roots to China sweet-tooths

A major expansion of candy sale markets in China announced this morning by Mars included a reference to the manufacturer's founding in Tacoma 105 years ago.

July 2016

Finding, hiring quality gets tougher

A shortage of qualified candidates for available jobs is being reported by human resources managers nationwide. Manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance have the most challenging hiring tasks.

June 2016

Visa opens Costco today

Completing its massive shift away from a long-term connection to American Express, Costco operations today began to accept only Visa-branded credit cards.

June 2016

Cost-of-living rising, more locally

The latest report from Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a continuing trend upward in the costs of living, and Pacific Northwest markets are getting more expensive at twice the national rate.

June 2016

Construction jobs lost, few others added

Very weak report on new jobs from federal data raises fears of new recession. Construction jobs particularly weak in May, at least on the national scale.

June 2016
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