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More available workers & jobs

Attracted by the strong regional economy, Washington's available workforce continues to add people looking for work. Fortunately, the growth in news jobs is keeping pace, measured from one year ago.

October 2016

Jobless rate falling, jobs growing

Additional new jobs created in government and the private sector helped to lower the Evergreen State's unemployment rate last month.

October 2016

State tax revenues still growing

Washington state's general tax collections continue to exceed the official forecasts, which official economists credit to better than expected jobs reports and an economy that remains better than the national report in recovery mode.

September 2016

August jobs picture slightly improved

Without much actual change, the statewide unemployment rate did improve slightly in August. Washington remains almost one-percentage point higher than the national average, in part because the state's workforce keeps rising as folks move here in search of jobs.

September 2016

South Sound jobless rates exceed state

While there are 100,000 more jobs in Washington state today over the same point of 2015, local unemployment rates remain higher than the statewide average, which itself exceeds the U.S. rate.

August 2016

State jobless rate steady, with new jobs

Little change is included in today's July unemployment report for Washington and its counties. But comparisons to one year ago continue to be very strong, with an estimated 100,000 additional jobs created since mid-summer 2015.

August 2016

Local cost-of-living also climbs

Consumers' costs to live in western Washington have gone up over the past year faster than most other U.S. cities, but so has the average earnings level.

August 2016

State’s tax haul continues strong

Retail sales tax collections in Washington are running higher than a year ago, especially from motor vehicles, food and beverages, sporting goods, toys and books.

August 2016

Wood products, real estate big for Weyco

A strengthening U.S. economy reflected in more home building added to Weyerhaeuser's second-quarter financial report. Wood Product sales and Real Estate activity both marked resurgences.

August 2016

10,000 more Tacoma-Lakewood jobs now

Tacoma-Lakewood and the surrounding county marketplace gained more than 10,000 payroll jobs in the year ended June 2016, according to new data released today.

August 2016
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