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Another study backs TPP for state

Trans-Pacific Partnership is a free trade deal that labor unions hate, but international trade boosters like. A study today says it would be great business for Washington state.

July 2016

Consumer prices creep upward

Consumer are paying more for most everything this year compared to 2015, and the rising prices are more obvious in western Washington than the rest of the country.

July 2016

Region’s economy strong … for now

After noting stronger jobs and personal income growth in western Washington than the country as a whole, a regional economist is worried that too many companies are not ready for the next recession.

July 2016

Nat’l accreditation for downtown Kent

Backers of economic development in downtown Kent have been recognized by the national organization centered around preserving and revitalizing downtown commercial centers.

July 2016

Wash. personal income growth beats U.S.

With a significant boost from stock-based bonuses in Technology jobs, Washington leads the other 49 states for growth of personal income through the first quarter of 2016.

June 2016

Puget Sound container loads in May

Ocean-going shipments through Central Puget Sound's two large ports through May are finally coming back in alignment with last year comparisons. Container exports are up, imports are flat and break bulk shipments are down 36%

June 2016

Finding, hiring quality gets tougher

A shortage of qualified candidates for available jobs is being reported by human resources managers nationwide. Manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance have the most challenging hiring tasks.

June 2016

May jobless rate lowest of 2016

There were 1,800 net more employees working in Washington in May over April, according to the month report of unemployment rates. Statewide, the jobless figure is 5.5 percent, though all South Sound areas were higher.

June 2016

Growth by the numbers

Yes, there are quite a few more residents in the Puget Sound region nowadays, and that's because there were 241,000 new jobs created in the five from 2010 to 2015.

June 2016

Cost-of-living rising, more locally

The latest report from Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a continuing trend upward in the costs of living, and Pacific Northwest markets are getting more expensive at twice the national rate.

June 2016
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