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State GDP growth leads nation

New statistics on economic performance shows that Washington state is leading the nation in terms of first quarter 2016 growth in Gross Domestic Product.

August 2016

National economy shows weakness

Slowing activity in the construction sector is one factor in today's disappointing national report on the economy.

July 2016

Big jump in Q1 retail sales

Consumers and business shoppers are spending regularly, according to new tax collection data from the state.

July 2016

Counties show jobless rate jump

A summertime downsizing by government employers boosted local county unemployment rates in June from their May report.

July 2016

TrueBlue states Q2 sales, loss

Because of pull-back from its largest customer, that was announced in April, TrueBlue today reported a net loss for second quarter after an impairment was factored in.

July 2016

Fewer workers, same jobless rate in June

The month of June saw a slight reduction in the state's labor force, but an unemployment rate that stays where it has been for seven months.

July 2016

Ups and downs of cargo in- & out-bound

Strong consumer expectations in the U.S. coupled with a weaker export flow because of currency valuations meant some gains, some losses in local marine terminal activity for June.

July 2016

Another study backs TPP for state

Trans-Pacific Partnership is a free trade deal that labor unions hate, but international trade boosters like. A study today says it would be great business for Washington state.

July 2016

Consumer prices creep upward

Consumer are paying more for most everything this year compared to 2015, and the rising prices are more obvious in western Washington than the rest of the country.

July 2016

Region’s economy strong … for now

After noting stronger jobs and personal income growth in western Washington than the country as a whole, a regional economist is worried that too many companies are not ready for the next recession.

July 2016
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