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Changes to roll-your-own cigarette laws take effect July 1

Beginning July 1, operators of roll-your-own commercial cigarette-making machines must abide by the provisions of a bill passed by the state Legislature this spring.

May 2012

Thurston issues property valuations for 2013 taxes

Market analysis by appraisers within the Thurston County Assessor’s Office shows that the real estate market continued to decline during 2011, influencing the assessed values that will arrive in mailboxes this weekend or early next week. The new assessment notices will identify value assessments as of Jan. 1, 2012, for taxes to be billed in 2013.

May 2012

Revenue returns unclaimed property to a record number of claimants

As part of its continuing effort to reunite residents with their lost property, the Washington State Department of Revenue will conduct radio, TV and Web advertising in Western Washington June 2 through June 17. Examples of unclaimed property include unclaimed paychecks, utility deposits, bank accounts, uncashed refunds, life insurance proceeds, stocks and bonds, and contents from safe deposit boxes.

May 2012

Liquor privatization initiative upheld

The Washington State Supreme Court today rejected a lawsuit claiming that Initiative 1183, which privatized state liquor sales, violated the state constitution’s requirement that proposed laws only address a single subject. The court also rejected a claim that the description of the new law on voters’ ballots was misleading. The initiative includes a requirement that a portion of new revenue coming from liquor license fees be used to increase funding for local public safety programs, including police and emergency services. Plaintiffs claimed “fees” should be called “taxes” on the November, 2011 ballot – and that such language might have changed the outcome of the vote.

May 2012

AG will appeal ruling striking down supermajority vote requirement for tax increases

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office will continue to defend against a lawsuit challenging the state’s voter-approved law requiring a supermajority vote by legislators to raise taxes, and voter approval of tax increases that exceed the state spending limit.

May 2012

State board invests $1.6M to help grow local economies

The Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board has made $1.6 million in public investments targeting business growth and job creation in three Western Washington counties.

May 2012

State liquor store re-auction totals $5.9M

The Washington State Liquor Control Board successfully re-auctioned the rights to apply for a spirits retail liquor license at 18 state-run liquor stores statewide. The sum of individual bids totaled $5.57 million, with rights awarded to 14 successful bidders. The WSLCB ran the auction to resell locations whose original winners had failed, for whatever reason, to complete the purchase process.

May 2012

State considers raising threshold requirements for water company regulation

State regulators are seeking comments on a proposal to change the threshold requirements for determining whether a water company falls under their jurisdiction.

May 2012

Pharmacist’s license suspended indefinitely

The license of Snohomish County pharmacist Paul A. Malloy has been indefinitely suspended by the Board of Pharmacy and the Washington State Department of Health.

May 2012

DSHS employee arrested for allegedly accessing former client’s benefits

The Washington State Patrol arrested a Pierce County Department of Social and Health Services employee on felony charges this morning for allegedly using a former client’s Electronic Benefit Transfer to purchase food items.

May 2012
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