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Fire cuts E. Pierce Co. connections

Fire cuts E. Pierce Co. connections

Some Comcast service is being restored through the day, as repair crews work on melted fiber-optic cables in eastern Puyallup.

July 2017

Faster connect, no extra cost

Connecting to internet will be faster for many Comcast customers, at no additional monthly expense.

June 2017

‘Hiring’ sign still on at Infoblox

A leader in global network security is rapidly expanding its Tacoma operations, with news hires showing up for work every week. Some even want to transfer from their Silicon Valley headquarters.

June 2017

People on the Move

These company and government agency leaders have new positions or responsibilities.

May 2017

‘Activities + Execution = Results’

Having worked in financial management roles since 2002, the CFO of Tacoma tech company, SiteCrafting, applies his formula for success and earns a finalist status for 2017 Financial Executive of the Year.

April 2017

What if you lost all your data?

Analysts have calculated that 60 million computers will fail this year and 200,000 smartphones are lost or stolen each year. If you suffer one of these catastrophes, what will be the cost to your business? Unless you have 3-2-1 backup protection.

March 2017

Survey says Tacoma is a ‘connected’ city

As Tacoma's city leaders discuss possible new ways to facilitate residents connections with the internet world, results of a recent survey show that most already are hooked up.

March 2017

Tacoma government payables to cloud

Technology tools often promise efficiencies, after the learning cycle is complete, and companies that sell to or contract with City of Tacoma will have a new access route beginning now and into the new year.

December 2016

Tacoma’s ‘maker’ space links up

Tacoma creative laboratory has joined with similar groups to form a national association that helps make, invent and create new products with high-tech tools.

November 2016

Boeing Defense to go from Kent to Tukwila

Some employees of Boeing defense and space currently based in Kent will soon be reporting to worksites in Tukwila.

November 2016
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