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Non-residential building stagnant in U.S.

Government projects appear to be expanding, while private sector nonresidential construction is pretty much stalled, according to a new Census Bureau report with industry analysis.

July 2017

Growing job categories

Pierce County payroll jobs grew by 3,500 from May to June, with most of those gains in three industrial sectors.

June 2017
Unemployed rates keep falling

Unemployed rates keep falling

New jobs are being created at a faster pace than the South Sound workforce is growing, leading to lower April jobless rates that in any month for almost a decade.

May 2017

How to classify military base jobs?

As part of planning process for the South Sound and region into the year 2040, policy analysts and elected officials are looking into how to count the vast military-related employment impacts.

May 2017

Pierce jobs report for March is stellar

Even before the traditional 'Spring' has sprung job-wise, greater Tacoma's employment picture continues to brighten. There are almost 9,000 more locals working this year, compared to the first quarter of 2016.

April 2017

New data to study for biz planning

New statistical data released by the federal government today contains detail down to the County level, if you are a numeric wizard or diligent follower of obtuse instructions.

April 2017

‘He definitely hires vets’

State employment agencies will be recognizing a Tacoma firm this week, whose workforce is 89 percent comprised of military veterans.

April 2017

Commercial building a bright spot

Construction remains one of the stronger industry sectors, according to the monthly national employment report that was issued this morning.

April 2017

UPS is tops in jobs for grads

Finding a job after college is a matter of great concern to most graduates – and their parents – and a new study of outcomes from most American universities lands one South Sound institution atop the list for Washington state.

April 2017

Next recession forecast for late 2018-19

As much of the U.S. economy is fully recovered (statistically) from the Great Recession – western Washington is leading the way – a regional forecaster sees the next much more minor slow-down coming late next year and into 2019.

April 2017
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