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Rethink networking as chances to give, not take

Rethink networking as chances to give, not take

The keynote speaker at the Tacoma-Pierce County "Prosperity on Purpose" event this morning had a simple - but seemingly revolutionary - message about networking. It is better to give than receive.

"We have to get it out of our heads that it is self serving,"  said nationally acclaimed speaker and author Jeff Shore, who has authored three books on the issue. "Sales networking is about giving when it is successful. Think of it as 'what can I do to make that business more successful? Forget about the take (of a quick sale or a signed contract) and think about the give.'"

February 2009

Blog Watch: gag order

The AWB's blog has an item about Attorney General Rob McKenna's legal thoughts on labor's "top legislative priority" this session. The so-called Worker Privacy Act, which businesses argue would impose unnecessary, unworkable and unconstitutional restrictions on employer communications with employees, would apparently be illegal.  

McKenna confirmed that fact  by saying it would run afoul of federal law.

February 2009

People on the move

Western Washington University's College of Business and Economics Leadership program hosted Mark Nelson, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Columbia Bank, to recognize students who have distinguished themselves through scholarship and leadership while in WWU's College of Business and Economics. This recognition is bestowed on them by way of nominations from faculty in their respective departments. South Sound student honored at this luncheon included: Brandon Myking, Economics major from Puyallup and Rocky White, a Management major from Auburn.

February 2009

New writing course focuses on clear communication

Technology has changed the way business people communicate, but one thing has not changed: Writing well is essential to good communication.
A new professional development course offered at University of Washington Tacoma teaches participants to write in a direct, organized and grammatically correct business style -- whether they're writing a letter, an email or a presentation. Taught by Sheri Gietzen, an English faculty member at Tacoma Community College, Effective Business Writing and Communication helps participants to write with clear intent, analyze their audience and organize documents based on specific objectives and purpose.

February 2009

Lakewood bank accepts $2 million from feds

Lakewood's Northwest Commercial Bank will use the $2 million it has received from the U.S. Treasury's stimulus package to boost business loans in the area.

February 2009

Financial checkups offered by O Bee Credit Union

With so much global economic turmoil, people and businesses are looking for financial answers. Tuwmater-based O Bee Credit Union is offering a free personalized financial check-up to do just that.

February 2009

Goldmark launches biomass initiative

Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark today launched an effort to create jobs, renewable energy, and healthier forests by utilizing woody biomass in our state's forests.
"Through this biomass initiative, DNR has an opportunity to be part of the climate change solution at the same time that we are creating jobs and improving forest health," said Commissioner Goldmark. "This effort will help bring emerging technologies to the marketplace and help to establish another positive and sustainable use of our public's natural resources."

February 2009

Owners are no longer in denial about home values

American homeowners' perceptions of the value of their own homes moved more in line with reality at the end of 2008, at least when it came to hindsight. More than half believe their own home lost value during the year, according to the recent Zillow Homeowner Confidence Survey. This is markedly more than the 38 percent who believed their home's value was declining when asked during the second quarter of 2008.

February 2009

More counties added to disaster benefits roster

Workers in Grays Harbor and six other counties may now be eligible for disaster unemployment benefits if they lost their jobs or cannot work because of the storms and flooding that struck the region in January.
Residents of these counties have until March 11, to apply for the benefits. 

February 2009

State error that caused false refunds might cost businesses

Department of Labor and Industries officials say the agency has now corrected a duplicated line of computer coding that inflated the refund payments given to businesses through the state's Retrospective Rating Program.

That means businesses using the program will receive smaller refund checks beginning this month. And they might also have to pay back those refunds dating back to three years ago. The department is having state's attorney review the case, but three years is the maximum.

February 2009
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