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COFFEE BREAK: lay off response

The Business Examiner asked its readers what advice they had for people who have been or are facing possible lay offs.

Here is how one business person responded:

The magnitude of the nationwide lay off rate is staggering. It is creeping into almost every industry from construction to the technology world. I personally know people from each of those industries that are currently laid off.

February 2009

Nominations sought for area's outstanding health workers

The Business Examiner has partnered with local agencies to recognize this year's Health Care Champions. There are countless "champions" in the thriving health care market, and the Business Examiner, in partnership with the Pierce County County Medical Society, needs help in identifying them in Pierce.

The business newspaper group has also partnered with the Thurston County Chamber and Thurston-Mason County Medical Society for a similar program in Thurston and Mason counties.  

February 2009

AT&T to refund customers for roadside assistance fees

Calling all current and former AT&T Mobility customers: If you have a wireless phone, you may have paid $2.99 per month without your knowledge for a program called Roadside Assistance. The Washington Attorney General's Office says that if you didn't use the service and didn't authorize the addition of the service to your wireless account, you may qualify for a refund under a new settlement filed today in Thurston County Superior Court.

February 2009

State economic picture darkens

The preliminary forecast  from the state Economic and Revenue Forecast Council assumes a much more severe recession than did the forecast adopted in November.

The recession is expected to last six quarters with a peak-to-trough decline in real Gross Domestic Product of 2.7 percent. The unemployment rate, which has already risen from a cyclical low of 4.4 percent in December 2006 to 7.6 percent January 2008, is expected to climb to 9.0 percent in March 2010. Payroll employment, housing starts, and personal income are also much lower in the new forecast. One piece of good news since the November forecast is the adoption of much larger stimulus package than assumed in November.  

February 2009

People on the move

Venture Bank recently hired Pat Steingruber as an accounts payable assistant at the bank's DuPont Financial Center. She has more than 30 years of banking experience. 

February 2009

Mountain View sells to Houston cemetery group

Tacoma's Mountain View will not see a fifth generation of Thompsons operate the family cemetery business. The business has been sold, said President Cindy Thompson, and the new owner is Northstar Memorial Group based in Houston.

"The check is in the bank today," she said after a due-diligence progress that took several months. "They are really good people."

February 2009

Olympia firm gets Army Corps green light

The Olympia laboratory of Materials Testing & Consulting, Inc. was recently approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to perform tests and inspections on construction projects under its oversight.
MTC is now one of only three laboratories in Western Washington validated by the corps to perform the combination of aggregate, bituminous, concrete, grout, masonry, mortar and soil tests for corps-administered projects.

February 2009

Dark state revenue forecast worsens

Rep. Ed Orcutt, the ranking Republican on the House Finance Committee and member of the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, isn't happy with the failing state of Washington's economy as the forecasted shortfall is now at the $8 billion mark. But also is calling for cooler heads to win the day against adding taxes to fill the budget hole.

February 2009
Rethink networking as chances to give, not take

Rethink networking as chances to give, not take

The keynote speaker at the Tacoma-Pierce County "Prosperity on Purpose" event this morning had a simple - but seemingly revolutionary - message about networking. It is better to give than receive.

"We have to get it out of our heads that it is self serving,"  said nationally acclaimed speaker and author Jeff Shore, who has authored three books on the issue. "Sales networking is about giving when it is successful. Think of it as 'what can I do to make that business more successful? Forget about the take (of a quick sale or a signed contract) and think about the give.'"

February 2009

Blog Watch: gag order

The AWB's blog has an item about Attorney General Rob McKenna's legal thoughts on labor's "top legislative priority" this session. The so-called Worker Privacy Act, which businesses argue would impose unnecessary, unworkable and unconstitutional restrictions on employer communications with employees, would apparently be illegal.  

McKenna confirmed that fact  by saying it would run afoul of federal law.

February 2009
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