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‘Amazing’ selling season meant long hours

Amazon workers in three South Sound fulfillment centers joined with seven others across the U.S. to set new records for Christmas shopping success this month.

December 2017

New interim leader for MDC agency

A Tacoma-based non-profit that serves youth, adults and families challenged by poverty is getting a new leader today, on an interim basis while a search if formed.

December 2017

South-bound 5 freeway gets 2 lanes today

Traffic flow will resume late this afternoon on the I-5 freeway south of DuPont, following successful removal of damaged passenger rail equipment from Monday's fatal derailment.

December 2017

DuPont derailment, detour opens

Highways and railway traffic remains snarled in the South Sound as transportation officials work on routes around the scene of a deadly Amtrak derailment this morning.

December 2017
Multiple fatalities in today’s train crash

Multiple fatalities in today’s train crash

Authorities have not yet released the number of persons killed in an Amtrak derailment just south of DuPont, but reports have been from three up to perhaps six. Pierce County Sheriff spokesman Ed Troyer said all victims were from the train.

December 2017

DuPont firm sets Atlanta conference

South Sound firm leads efforts to improve employment results for persons with disabilities by programming its second annual national conference.

November 2017

Amtrak coming inland in December

After 11 years of design, consultation and construction, Amtrak Cascades trains will start using a new track routing through central Pierce County starting Dec. 18th – and there will be two more roundtrips each day, too.

October 2017

Top Place to Work: Better Business Bureau

In evaluating quality of a workplace culture and how "in sync" staff members are with managers, it works to ask employees. At BBB-Northwest, their comments were as extraordinarily effusive as are the structural programs to support team members.

August 2017

South Sound executive ‘comings & goings’

South Sound businesses have announced new leaders and associates in the past week.

August 2017

MSFT honors DuPont firm

A South Sound-based software solutions development company was singled out by Microsoft for its products serving government agencies that assist persons with disabilities.

August 2017
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