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LNG station opens in Fife

LNG station opens in Fife

Natural gas-powered trucks and cars have a new place to refill the tanks that its owner feels will close the gap for border-to-border travel by LNG power.

October 2016

Local retail sales growth strong

A number of marketplaces in the South Sound showed significant growth in their retail sales over the five years ended 2015. A few, however, fell far behind the trend for growth.

September 2016

Short-term psychiatric detention funds

State financial support to community resources for mental health crisis care was announced today, and five South Sound projects earned cash.

September 2016

Hiring for new Fife warehouse

Another large warehouse in Fife is ready to open and its operator, Regal Logistics, is looking to hire for all positions.

August 2016

Fife official reappointed to freight panel

Fife will again be represented on a state panel that advises lawmakers on freight mobility projects.

July 2016

10 days left to enter for $20,000 prize

Small business entrepreneurs that could profitably use a no-strings $20,000 capital infusion have until the end of July to enter a local bank's contest.

July 2016

Growth by the numbers

Yes, there are quite a few more residents in the Puget Sound region nowadays, and that's because there were 241,000 new jobs created in the five from 2010 to 2015.

June 2016

Chamber, EDB, Tacoma port go to court

Local economic boosters in Tacoma are challenging in court two proposed ballot measures that seek to require a public vote before major new users of public water supplies can be hooked up. The ideas are unconstitutional, the challengers argue.

June 2016

FedEx seeks more than 300 part-time staff for Fife facility

In preparation for the facility’s anticipated opening in June, FedEx Ground is looking to hire more than 300 part-time package handlers to staff its new warehouse in Fife.

May 2016

From outside accountant to inside CFO

Managing the fiscal impact of a major interruption of company operations merits consideration of Jutta Stevens for Financial Executive of the Year.

March 2016
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