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The premier choice for business to business and high-end consumer marketing campaigns, South Sound Biz offers access to the highest concentration of business persons in the South Sound. Independent research confirms more than 30,000 readers of the print publication and a growing number of Daily Biz Briefs e-mail and internet users.

Business Examiner Media has been the primary source of local business news and information for more than 30 years. A targeted subscriber base delivers South Sound Biz monthly magazine to a paid/requested circulation of owners and top executives at local businesses, professional practices, government agencies and institutional leaders in the market.

We serve cities and communities where the great majority of businesses do the great majority of their buying. Our publication is mailed directly to the business location, where most business buying decisions are made. Based on business readers delivered, our cost-per-thousand advertising rates are much lower than those for statewide or regional business publications. Comparison to the costs of local mass-media clearly shows the savings of target marketing for advertisers primarily interested in reaching business decision-makers. With options in print, e-mail, web and event sponsorship, there is a way for every business to achieve its marketing goals using the Business Examiner.

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Kerri Baltzell
Senior Account Manager
Kerri Baltzell