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Developers have big plans for Gig Harbor strip mall

May 10, 2016 - 05:08 PM
Developers have big plans for Gig Harbor strip mall

Graphic courtesy of Olympic Property Group

If developer Olympic Property Group’s vision becomes reality, the Peninsula Shopping Center in Gig Harbor could be completely remade into a new, mixed-use town square. 

But first, it wants to get residents on board with the idea.

On April 27 and May 3 — a full year after it first proposed the idea to the community — Olympic Property Group presented three different plans. 

Built in the late 1950s, the 72,000 square-foot building located on Judson Street is starting to show its age. In 2011, the QFC and Recall Closed. Then in 2015, Ace Hardware closed its doors for good. Now its major tenants are the United States Postal Service and 7 Seas Brewing.

In a presentation, developers noted that it was only a matter of time before the building plummets to the point where demolishing it makes more sense. 

Now, Olympic Property Group has three concepts that all share more or less the same vision. That includes keeping half as retail, building a publicly funded garage, a 115 multi-family apartment complex and a town square/gathering place. All three would also create 1,600 square feet of new retail space.

The difference comes in building height. Essentially, the taller the residential building, the more opportunity there is for a bigger park area.

The first plan proposes 115 units in two and four-story buildings, with 60 parking stalls under the building. The second plan would have 117 units in a four-story building with 88 parking stalls underneath, 1,600 square-foot of new retail and a 35,000 square-foot “town square” area, which would be transferred to the city.

Ideas for retail tenants range from restaurants and bars to grocery stores and a "mini-Pike Place Market."

However, the developers are adamant in saying that nothing is final, and that resident input would be taken seriously. OPG is currently running a website collecting resources and public comment at

Correction 5/11/16: The original article implied that the developers would level the whole property. Only half would come down under current plans. 7 Seas Brewing, for example, would be exempt from demolition.

Correction, 5/18/16: The original article stated that Paradise Theatre shut down operations in 2016. In fact, it moved to the old Rexall location and is still operating.


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