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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

May you and ours thoroughly enjoy the blessings of this holiday season.

DuPont derailment, detour opens

Highways and railway traffic remains snarled in the South Sound as transportation officials work on routes around the scene of a deadly Amtrak derailment this morning.

Multiple fatalities in today’s train crash

Multiple fatalities in today’s train crash

Authorities have not yet released the number of persons killed in an Amtrak derailment just south of DuPont, but reports have been from three up to perhaps six. Pierce County Sheriff spokesman Ed Troyer said all victims were from the train.

‘Triple bottom-line’ brings $20k prize

‘Triple bottom-line’ brings $20k prize

Among 16 semi-finalists in an annual small business competition called 'edg3 FUND' was a family-owned restaurant with special emphasis on providing a menu sensitive to food allergies. It won the $20,000 prize.

Fines levied for industrial death

Unsafe removal of a guardrail on an elevated work platform where a worker fell to his death has brought fines to the Aberdeen lumber mill operated by Sierra Pacific Industries.

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